These web pages are reader friendly.

No "Java." No "cookies." No frames. No music. No animated images. No "best viewed with Whizbang 4.0."

We surf the Web a lot, and we know what irritates us: pages that are slow to load, or that won't display on our browser. We want to make our Web pages informative and accessible. So here's what you can expect.

We favor plain text for content and for navigation. Every graphic takes time to load, so we use them very sparingly. We try to keep our pages smaller than 32K so that they will load quickly!

When graphics are required, we use common file formats. For small images we use GIF files; for photos we use JPEG (.JPG) for greater compression. For complex engineering drawings such as schematics, we favor Adobe's much more efficient Portable Document Format (.PDF). GIF, JPEG, and PDF viewers are readily available for most machines (if not already supported by your browser).

We're not going to waste your bandwidth with animated GIFs, or try to entertain you with a musical background. We're also not going to offend your privacy by trying to leave "cookies" or run Java applets on your machine. Java has its uses, but we find we can communicate perfectly well without it.

We support the ANY Browser Campaign to create Web pages that are not browser-specific. Our pages follow the HTML 3.2 specification, but remain readable with earlier HTML versions. They have have been tested with Netscape 2.0, Netscape 3.0, Internet Explorer 3.0, Opera 3.51, Lynx, and Arachne. If any page doesn't display on your browser, please let us know!

"Java" is a trademark of Sun Microsystems.
"Netscape" is a trademark of Netscape Communications Corp.