C-1 Allocation of a Memory Region

C-2 The Boundary Tag Method


D-1 Hash Table Using Linked Lists

D-2 Forth Space, Hash Space, and String Space

D-3 A String Descriptor

D-4 The Hash List "Root"

D-5 A Tree of Hash Tables


E-1 Pattern Representation

E-2 Waite's Global Control Algorithm

E-3 A Pattern Element

E-4 Succession

E-5 Simple Alternation

E-6 Nested Succession and Alternation

E-7 Backtracking Through Alternatives

E-8 The History Stack Context

E-9 The Return Stack During Forth Nesting

E-10 Backtracking Into and Out Of Subpatterns

E-11 The "Fall-in" History Record

E-12 Subpattern Failure as an Alternative

E-13 The "Fall-out" History Record